Balancing Bonds and Well-Being: Nurturing Family Time for Optimal Mental Health

Balancing Bonds and Well-Being: Nurturing Family Time for Optimal Mental Health

The words ‘Time‘ and ‘Family‘ may be at the top of the list of things people often forget. When a human being loses wealth and possessions, he or she loses them. Intelligence; It can be recovered with diligence. Even if your health deteriorates, you can still recover from your illness with good doctors and good medicine. But if a family loses a certain amount of time, no Almighty can recover it.

As a human being, “time” is a period from birth to death. Therefore, during the ‘life’ of life, you have to work hard for life. While alive, they work hard and forget to ‘give love, value, and time’ to another precious ‘family‘.

Balancing Bonds and Well-Being: Nurturing Family Time for Optimal Mental Health

I love you. Valuables can't grow old together until the last days of hair loss and tooth decay. So the value of the family goes up and down. Eat, drink, walk, and be healthy together. We should value and love “while we live“.

  • “Time is more precious than gold.”

We, humans, tend to go from day to day, working day in and day out, forgetting to value our loved ones while we are still alive. Month, Day, Hours Since minutes are just ‘time‘, ‘time‘ is a constant flow of alcohol. No one can stop it. Do not despise anyone. I waited for no one. He did not look down on anyone. No dictator can stop him. That is why the ‘winter’ people have a saying, “Time and tide do not wait for the man.” “Time is more precious than gold” Time is more precious than gold, so you should value and love your family while still alive. Learn to love your family while you are still alive. The following tips may be helpful for you to make Time for them.

(1) Recognition of grace.

First of all, call it the human world. The most important Time is for the grateful parents of your life who have been raised and raised. Take Time out in the area of ​​giving Time. Travel This does not mean you must do things like worship all the Time. Giving Time means.

  • “To make time to talk & listen.”

All of our parents, regardless of their age, are concerned about the comfort and safety of their children. They want to know everything about the problem. Every parent desires to consult with them and resolve any issues. In the same way, they have something to talk about. Even if there are small problems, they may want to consult with us. Parents can embrace all goodness and provide more comfort than anyone else. Therefore, love your parents while they are still alive. They are giving Time. You need to talk to them and remember to listen to them.

(2) Building friendships.

We were reminiscing about childhood memories to bring the family closer together, Walking together in the evening, and sharing life experiences. Take photos together and create fun things.

(3) Love while you are alive.

I want you to avoid conflicts as much as possible while you are still in your family. These conflicts have led to quarrels between parents, children and siblings; Relationships should be avoided. To avoid problems, we should focus on constructive discussions rather than destructive family discussions.

(4) Be respectful.

There should be enough respect for each other while the family remains. As an adult, I tend to be more discriminating with the help I render toward other people. Young people should also avoid saying things that adults think are too old-fashioned.

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(5) Believe.

Family members should trust each other. Trust is necessary for communication with one another to become easier. Misunderstandings can lead to many problems. Therefore, we must speak with optimism to each other. We must build trust with each other.

(6) Do what you can.

Young people should not just blame themselves for their incompetence and lack of support. We need to support our family as much as we can. For example, people who live with their family can give their parents Time to go to bed by giving them a massage and talking to them. If you are away, call your family right away in four voices and show your love.

(7) Love without guilt.

It is getting tighter and tighter day by day. In today’s world, which is becoming increasingly brutal, Stress; You should always love and cherish your family while you are still alive in this situation. Love for the inanimate; Family love Love, love, love. Dear friend, I Love nature. Every love, such as love for animals, is beautiful and precious. Everything good starts with you and lives well. It will come from practice. Therefore, you should fully love what you value while still alive to get good things. As the saying goes, we should all fall in love while we are still alive; as the saying goes, “Every day is uncertain.

(8) Understand with empathy.

To be truly literate is to think and act as if you were in his place. It is a feeling. There should be no superficial empathy. Most of the time, they empathize with the people they meet daily but have little understanding of their families. When you have a problem When confronted with a situation and disagree with it, it is important to have a “lose weight, lose weight” attitude when you have a problem. It is also important for families to apologize to each other if necessary.

(9) Do you think about Time?

Every human must be aware of what he or she has and owns. Happiness is only worthy of “you” if you can see it in the present. You can estimate how much you have but not how much time you have left. So value your Time. Finding the source of the problem at a time when you are mentally ill for a variety of reasons will give your family more Time to deal with it. Not only families in Myanmar but every family worldwide are alive and lovingly understanding each other quickly. Guide 4 You Team wishes you all the best for your hard work and appreciation.

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