Cultivating Healthy Connections between Anxious Parents and Their Children

(It may be long as it contains information about me. Please take 3 minutes to read it.) My parents were very anxious and restrained. They do not want to be. My parents did not allow me to do so. One of the questions we often ask is how to negotiate with our parents, as they are restricted from going and not coming.

I am writing this article for such young people.

Frankly, I grew up in that family. My father was an engineer. So I spend about 10 months a year abroad. So my mother took care of everything. So my mother’s life was like that of our two brothers. So we have less air. As a result, our lives were perfect, and as a side effect, we could not do anything. It doesn’t work with a little deviation from the normal mother-created position. I went to my grandparents’ house and ate soft food. The lack of a hose to clean the toilet was a big problem.

Cultivating Healthy Connections between Anxious Parents and Their Children

So as I got older and started working, it wasn't easy. I lost my self-confidence. My mother did everything. I was worried it would happen if I returned with 4-5 packages. The man was strong. Finally, even if you can’t afford it, you can still pay for it. I’m worried it might even happen.

He is not perfect, but he is different from when he was younger. You and your parents may be affected depending on how you made that change. It will be useful for young people as well.

  • Right? But let me know the limit.

Remember, I was a member of the school’s Buddhist association in 7th grade—five friends, including me. The temple was actively cleaned every morning. So the school sent us to Kyaik Htee Yoe Pagoda. I can follow everything, but I can’t. My mother did not put it in. The teacher was upset and asked if I could tell my mother if my friends were happy to be traveling. I came to ask. I did not ask to speak. After all, she knew she had to stay home because she was worried.

There are no phones like today. You can do it by yourself, teacher. I immediately refused to go. Has it changed at this age? Same as before. There are many other parents like my mother. I understand their concerns, but this situation is not good for me. In the seventh grade, Kyaik Htee Yoe did not have a problem, but at 23, he was not allowed to work. I also have things I want to do. There are things I want to happen—no more children.

  • So how do you do that? It is clear. I got it right.

I graduated from medical school at the age of 23. At that time, I had to wait six months to get a job. In the meantime, I learned that I was being offered a job while attending a training course called by an NGO. I’m not sure if that’s the case. I walked around. When I went to the interview, I had to wear earplugs. So it’s obvious. When I asked her, she said she was going to get married. So, let’s do an interview. Get a job. If you have to go to Pyapon on Saturday, say it on Thursday. I cried as I expected. Tears welled up in my eyes as I drove to the bus stop. I can not. I have to go with a heavy heart. But over time, that is likely to change.

Even now, when I feel unwell, I go to the hospital. I dare not talk about the problem. As soon as I said that, I started to worry about small problems. They are also worried. I don’t want them to worry. So you have to cover it. Hide, I have to lie. I do not feel guilty. It’s not just about going to school and being at an EDM event. I think this is a win-win solution for both parties.

But know the scale. It is not a normal illness, but it is a serious illness. It doesn’t matter if you have a court case, but if you have a serious problem, you must ask for help. So what’s right is right. But let me tell you – it was a scary place. (As a parent, if you do not want your child to hide these things, reduce your anxiety. Do not show too much in front of your child.)

  • Prove it. Do not confront.

To commemorate the release of my new book, I had 400 books to sell at the festival. My father did it a lot. Will it run out? All of a sudden, my father looked down on me. It is not trivial. He is worried that he will have to raise his son if he does not sell 400 books.

That’s why my parents look down on me. Please do not assume that you do not believe in me. Fear of failure. They are more worried about you than they are about failure. At times, you may even feel tempted to say no. For example, how good is your singing career? So please do not blame them, but act confidently. I like it. It can be done successfully. Even if you can’t show any results, show you are doing your best. They are blocking it out of concern, and if you can prove it, they will comply.

Remember, If you want to fight because your parents do not allow you to be what you want, the best way is to fight hunger. It is not a slippery slope. It is proof. (Parents should also remember that a country cannot be built by doctors and engineers alone. It is not good for you and the baby fish to climb into the water, so it is best to let the fish go down and the monkeys climb the tree.)

  • Work hard. But be sure.

We have two brothers. Both are doctors. But as the government knows, both can't enter. Frankly, it’s because of the salary. The parents will tell you if you want to feed your two sons until they are about 30 years old. You need to know yourself. If the government takes office, what will happen to professors at some point? But for now, you will have to win at your own expense.

Becoming a professor is like entering the world of film. Everyone wants to be a super prince, but only a handful can be washed. It became sacred. So as an adult, I chose to work outside. I wouldn’t say I liked that decision at the beginning. They want the government to work for them. But I can’t. We have to move forward stubbornly.

This means that in some cases, the parents do not know as much as you do. Especially if it is not their field. In addition, they are constantly loving their children. (Which parent would say you are self-employed?) But you know yourself. Decisions are clear. I have to work hard. Sometimes it is not good to do so at a young age. You need to gain experience. For example, a singer’s job may be good at the moment but not in the long run. As a child, you may not even think about it. Therefore, teachers, After consulting with an adult. I want you to work hard after studying carefully.

  • Finally, I would like to let my parents know.

It is not a problem for your child to slip and fall while walking. The only problem is that I can no longer walk. To reduce your stress. I know it won't be easy. But I can’t. You have to try. Excessive stress can weaken a child’s personality. I wrote this article because it will be a little easier to try if you understand it can block the way.

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