How To Manage Bipolar Symptoms and Empathy?

It’s like riding a roller coaster as your mood rises and falls. Today I will share with you about Bipolar Depression for those of you wondering if I’m normal because I get so depressed.

How To Manage Bipolar Symptoms and Empathy?

  • What is Bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. (People with bipolar disorder do not just experience depression and mood swings, but also normal times between the two extremes. There may be no immediate change in mood swings within 10 to 15 minutes.) [ExamplesBipolar-1, Bipolar-2, Cyclothymic disorder and other forms]

The first type, called bipolar-1, tends to be more active. You may or may not feel depressed at all or experience both simultaneously. Depression or depression may last for a week or more.

The second type, called bipolar-2, is more likely to be depressed. When the mood is high, you may experience hypomanic hypothermia. In cyclothymic disorder, depression is less severe than in previous strains. It can last for at least two years; in children and adolescents, it can last up to a year.

  • Bipolar Disorder Symptoms.

(People who do not have bipolar disorder may also experience mood swings, which can last for hours or days.) During a manic period, the sufferer may have very high self-confidence. Feeling happy for no reason, Being strong without fatigue, I was so excited that I could not sleep. Heart rate Talking too much. Speech is faster than normal. Delusions, Lack of self-control, Decisions can be made without thinking, and other symptoms can be noticeable.

When you get to the depressive period, you feel sad and hopeless. Loss of interest in hobbies; Weight changes (weight loss, weight gain); Lack of energy; Too much sleep or insomnia; Difficulty concentrating; You may experience suicidal thoughts and constant crying. Here we tend to think that a good mood is not as bad as a bad mood. But it can also be a dangerous time to watch, as depression can lead to diminished thinking and extreme risk-taking.

  • Causes of Bipolar Depression.

Bipolar disorder is a disorder that affects more and more people in the nervous system. So how can everyone get this disease? Studying most mental illnesses is complex, and difficult to say exactly why. Similarly, the exact cause of bipolar disorder cannot be determined. The main cause of bipolar disorder is a genetic predisposition to other traumatic events. This can include stress and severe trauma.

  • Coexistence with Bipolar Disorder.

If you have bipolar disorder, it is important to seek professional help. This will give you a better understanding of the different mood swings you are experiencing, the different symptoms you are experiencing, and the treatment that is right for you. Bipolar disorder can affect up to one in 100 people, and some of our favorite artists and successful celebrities have bipolar disorder.

People with this condition do not have any defects and need the understanding and security of the environment.

Therefore, those who suffer from the disease must be cared for by their families. The warmth of the environment is important for getting enough sleep and doing physical exercises. The Guide 4 You Team wishes all people who have bipolar disorder to have the right treatment and to be able to live their daily lives more easily by managing their emotions well.

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