What Is Your Depths True Identity?

What Is Your Depths True Identity?

Many women use their identities to influence other people. Or it may be built on the framework set by society. Ask a woman who you are. I am a daughter. My son’s mother Or whose wife? Or I am a housewife. Or what do I do for a living? Accountants, and so on.

So something you depend on collapses. When things change, we feel like we are missing out on something. If you pride yourself on being the mother of your children, it hurts when your children disobey you or leave you. Whose daughter is she? If you are married, when you have no parents.

What Is Your Depths True Identity?

Depression is just like any other illness, which needs full support from the family. What position am I in? If you depend on what you do for a living, it will be because of your children due to family issues. When there is no income for some reason, it is small.

Life is full of ups and downs. It does not always rise, and it does not always fall. You can only be happy if you try to accept the ups and downs.

I want to see myself as a person. There will be strengths and weaknesses. I can be happy. I can be sad. Better than others. There will be bad places. Love You will have a hateful heart. I can be bored. You may be jealous. I can be small.

I can get angry. There are things that I enjoy and things that I do not enjoy at all. There will be painful pasts and hardships to overcome. Where are you good at? Life’s current situation; How do you best overcome adversity? I want you to measure yourself by the yardstick of whether life is trying to solve the problems for you. What kind of person am I? I want it to be built on wisdom and experience.

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